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2023 -2024 Projects 

- Investigating/writing and completion of the Creighton Rd and Governor's Rd, story,  Dundas from 1840.

- The 2nd edition of my Dr. Jaffrey book! (my grandfather who created an experimental vaccine and a convalescent plasma serum during the Spanish Influenza Pandemic of 1918, in Hamilton. Click here for more one that. 

- Volume One of my Jolly Crowd series of stories about my grandmother's Hamilton friends in WW1. Great WW1 stories. 

- The story of 197 Melville, an in-depth look at the history of a house in Valley Ward Dundas. 

- working against Dundas development and demolition.

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Read my history of 77 Creighton Rd at the Dundas Museum website. The historic house where I was born. 


My grandfather Dr. Jaffrey - Read more 
Enjoy the music and video below. Video by Ian Bell.

Tony Quarrington, Ian Bell, Bob Bratina, Ian Thomas, Sonny Del-Rio, Margaret Stowe, Jeff Bird and Michelle Josef. 



I've very happy to have my first historical book on amazon print on demand. It makes sense, printed locally one at a time, arrives within two days. Looking forward to getting more books up there. 

my new book Twitchell & Harris, Photographers Burlington ON and the Ladies on the Grass available on amazon print-on-demand. A great way to buy a book and have within two days. 

It's the story of Burlington's first photographers and the Women's Institute, all about a mystery photograph I found in my family treasures.

It's a Hamilton story too, about my great-great grandmother, and a Hamilton street naming, Ardvolich to Baker St, a timely and tragic story from 1918. 

Help me follow in their footsteps and put names to these remaining faces.
If your parent or relative went to Dundas High School in the late 1940s, they could be here. This was my mother Ruth Jaffrey's class in 1944.

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